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I only took on my plot in October, but I've been astonished at how few people there are on the site, even though most plots are taken. Perhaps they'll all surface in spring, but I wonder.


Hi Aster2, they will probably all come out of hibernation soon


Does any one use a Parasene 586 greenhouse heater? I ordered the wrong spare wick so if anyone needs one I can post it on (its the short model)


I hope they will, because there are far too many decrepit structures on the plots that need fixing. As it is, the site looks rather like a builder's yard.


I'm with you on that Aster! There's no excuse for using your allotment like a scrap yard, you would think people would treat them with some degree of pride and care


Hello we have a few plots looking  a bit ruf at moment , once Spring comes they start to tidy them up or give up !

Personally I found there is still plenty to do in winter , particularly as so far it had has been mild , everybody different thou 

Ginagibbs after the shop bit there is another room about that size which is like a part kitchen side and tool store for some peeps large machinery and where the large bales of straw for sale at five pound a large bale

when the tool sharpening person there on one offs they use that end room as has large door which they set the table at, so you don't go into the room, they then have all the sharpening machinery behind the table - so you just go to outside building door

How many plots on site well says 277 plots but think there are a few less as the path at end of my plot separates some plots in another fenced bit and that just gets used for a horse now - they should of not put a path though and all the plots would of been kept together - they like to put people on the site with the toilet - one men's and one lady's loo and shop

That is why we have to have two site reps such a large site

Think that building was built in the war as there was a large air raid shelter next to it until last year when they took it down  


I had a chat with our chief allotmenteer today and I can have a quarter of another plot! Not the one I had had my eye on for months, sadly, because the owners suddenly reappeared and are determined to have a go this time (but they are very nice, so I now have very nice neighbours), but it's close enough and I will have space for all the stuff I want to grow! (Of course it also means more couch grass, but hey.)

Aster that sounds great - what size plot do you have at min?

GWRS I would of liked to go to the plot more but being ill did not help especially with being mild - there were a few people up the allotment - my end yesterday morning I expect more will emerge come spring

Ginagibbs hope my allotment plot does not like a scrap yard too much with all the pallet piles there

I finally got to the plot yesterday for an hour to do a bit of hand digging in the trial bed still bit wet ground and was cold out but got some digging done

The council have cleared all the grit stone pile and have done some of the road which is good as it is the one that goes towards my plot

Went onto Gumtree on Saturday and spotted someone had posted 2 free water butts thought as 5 days ago would be gone but not - I went to collect them yesterday  - here is a picture from gumtree of them only one lid but great


They will be stored at home so no one steals them until shed ready, tested water butts today and one got a large crack in bottom and leaks will see if it can be fixed

After that a tip to get a parasol base for free from someone else on Gumtree

Had some of the PSB and red cabbage from the plot tasted ok with a home made sausage and egg pie thanks to Dovefromabove recipe


Gardengirl, I've got about 65 square metres at the moment. The new plot is slightly smaller, I think, but not by much - so I'll have a bit more than half a regular plot, as far as I can tell.

Aster2  your plot not that big then so good to have the extra bit of land, have you any pictures to show us   

how many plots on you site? do you have a shed?  does the new bit of plot have any bonuses of things on there  sorry me being nosy

Gg like the colour of your water butts, mine are bright blue.

Do you have any permanent planting Aster2, I've quite a lot of fruit trees and bushes, rubarb strawberries etc...

Gardengirl, it's not a big site, I think it would have about 20 full-sized plots, but most of them are divided into smaller ones. The only bonus on the new plot, as it is now, is the couch grass, ha ha. But now I'll have space for a shed (or a small greenhouse, maybe!), which I don't have at the moment. Actually, the other bonus is that there's no rubbish left over on that plot except for some landscape fabric, so that's quite good.

Zoomer, I planted three fruit trees (apple, plum, and apricot) and a grape vine and blueberries and raspberries and I've ordered lots of strawberries but these are coming in March. I'm planning to grow lots of fruit, so a large part of the plot will be permanently planted. At the moment I'm growing green manure on part of the plot and fighting couch grass on the rest. Oh, and I'm going to get a rose, Lady Emma Hamilton.

I'll take some pictures next time I'm there, but it might take till next week. It's nice of you to ask! I like reading about other people's allotments on this thread, too.

Aster2 that is not a nice bonus the couch grass but the landscape fabric is,  I have couch grass on my plot, loads to get rid of with that and even the bit I did dig up and put in council old bag still on plot has started growing again, I have had my plot since May

Sounds nice with all the fruit you have planted and will plant, thanks for saying you will take pictures when ever you go is fine   

Zoomer44 they are a nice colour and good for free, are yours the blue drums?  

Aster 2 , welcome to site , hope you find it useful I have 



Thank you! I'm finding it very useful and friendly.

Hello  any of you that have grown celeriac can you eat the leaves as well? 

Gg- there are lots of veggie's whose leaves can be eaten but the leaves from celeriac isn't one, I'm happy to be wrong though....

Gg- my water butts are the blue one's but I've a dark green one too. Apart from one which collects water from the GH they are currently all free standing and just collecting water as it rains but all full after the wet Winter.


My day off yesterday was a wash out again so did'nt get up to my plot. Did go and buy a cherry tree though from Aldi for about £3 so potted it up ready to take with me next time, I will plant it near my shed so it does'nt block out too much sun when it gets bigger. It will also act as a sun shade for my 2 dogs who like lying in my shed while I'm working !.

Got some more seeds from The Range. Patty pan squash, some interesting round courgettes (cant remember names) and beetroot. I will get some seeds sown this weekend as its supposed to warm up a bit.


Hello all , back from Swindon Yesterday , did a bit of gardening in the afternoon 

Have been up to plot today , planted the 2 Pear trees that I got from Aldi before we went to Swindon , really pleased with them 

O/H dug up some leeks , remainder of turnips and sprouts 

I dug the bed the sprouts where in and it was not to wet  , nice and sunny and not to cold about 10 degrees 

Hoping to go up there Sunday , want  to do some more digging / weeding 

Have never composted weeds but thinking of trying it in one of the  bins , anybody any advice ?

I trust all is well with everybody