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All is well except for the weather forecast! I might have to go to a GC again just to keep my spirits up!

Planting fruit trees is very satisfying, isn't it?

Hello , sorted out all my seeds tonight , veg & flowers 

GWRS, regarding composting weeds - all organic matter can be composted but perennials can be tricky. It is ok to throw in the leafy matter but any roots need to have all light excluded and will take longer to decompose.

Best to bag up roots and leave them for a couple of years or soak them and make a liquid feed.

Thanks Zoomer44 for answering the question, has been a wet winter - in the garden planters all the violas have gone or are looking terrible this year 

Re done station planters with plants from around garden to save money for the big event begin of March - one station building is going to be 150 then

Ginagibbs you are going to be growing UFO with the squash, sounds good with the cherry tree they have pretty flowers in spring

GWRS like iGrow said with the compost advise - I compost at home food waste and weeds also brown material like dried plant matter stems, torn cardboard mix them all together and leave for a few months then I turn into another bin as have three in the garden, can be put in part shade  

Aster2 I will have to go to gc again sometime more vouchers arrived in the post for Wyevale

Anyone started seed sowing yet?   if so what seeds?

Me not just yet but may be tomorrow - still trying gardening by the moon so leaf veg this weekend so may start the celery and celeriac off indoors

Hello to all


Hello , I have decided to put weeds in garden wheelie bin 

GWRS good idea

That is what I do - only had one bin full rejected once from weeds from the allotment ok bin was extremely heavy and some of the weeds may have had bits of soil on which I could not get off - so I had to empty it still have a bag left to get rid of from that, from then on made sure only light batches of weeds went into the bin  

I put perienial weeds in the wheelie bin and compost all the other weeds

Yep lots of couch grass goes in the bin

I have sown celery and celeriac seeds in 1/4 trays, now in my room on window sill - so that is it seed sowing has started, also done a sowing guide rough one of which month I sow seeds basic information to May - lots in March and April 

Good idea having a sowing guide. I've split the guide into three - veg, flowers/herbs and GH, from March through to August. July and August are mainly bienniels and winter veg sowings. 

I also drew a plan of the plot at the end of last yr, with what had been planted where, so as not to plant the same thing in the same spot twice. The plan for this yr just has periennial planting on it at present.  



Aster2 you said you were in Hert is this near would be good for the compost bin

Zoomer44 so far just a basic guide for the veg, I have so many flower seed as lots comes with garden news mag not sure where to start, there is two areas in garden for flowers which I like to do for cutting 

what veg is there for winter and when to sow?

Anybody know when to so purple kale?,  got a free pack out of date but hoping will do ok - not any info on the pack


Hi GG, purple kale sowing in March I think (I was going to sow some yesterday but held off).

Sowed peppers 2 sorts, leeks, 3 varieties of tomato (tumbling tom, gardeners delight and money maker), white cosmos,& cleome


Hello , we are going away twice in March so have decided not sow until April , friends will water for us but 1 tends to over waters and other under waters , so thought best to leave it 

Have only sowed some sweet peas 

For winter veg I'll be sowing Leek's, cauli (that's a first), celeriac, turnip/swede, Chad, Brussels, kale and broccoli. For a winter crop some won't be sown till July/August. Celeriac, cauli and Brussels though will need to be sown March/April time.

GWRS one of the nice things about sowing later is your crop will be a little later, I was still picking veg in October last year

GG, it's not near where I am, but thanks for pointing me to the offer!


Aldi have lots of gardening stuff for sale from Thursday , always a good price and quality 

That's ok Aster2 just wondered how is your plot?

Thanks Ginagibbs and Zoomer44

Ginagibbs I want to sow and grow cleome this year have you grown them before? they look really pretty

GWRS I have brought the book you are reading from Terry Walton - The Allotment Almanac will arrived later in week

GWRS Thanks for the tip on Aldi like the look on the internet of the net tunnel and cloche

Gardengirl hope you enjoy the Book  Got to June so far 

GWRS will be off to Aldi this week. I've previously bought some of their hand tools, very good value and I think they are stainless steel.

A fan of garden line tools shame they don't do big forks, I've gone through at least three, they keep bending

Had to look again then at what is in Thursday as not all gardening stuff I was looking at, where were the tools - now found them may get a sieve, shame no hand fork - the cultivator hoe or double hoe does really well that I have

Zoomer44 I have the red Spears and Jackson fork is really strong