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GG,  Cleomes are easy to grow and look fab, I grow them every year for the back of the borders in the garden. 

will take a peek in Aldi later this week i have 2 garden forks both only have 3 tines as I keep breaking them

Ginagibbs do they take a while to germinate? - think I will start some off next week, My one fork is still bent out of shape don't know if it will be fixed but I have the new one border fork and the big fork which has been used on the allotment plot which is great

So that is it we will all be going on a trip to Aldi just in different areas - so at least there should be some gardening stuff there 


Gardengirl, I was also wondering how my plot was, I didn't get there till today! 

Finally some pictures: this is when I first took the plot on last autumn (the greenhouses aren't mine, they are on neighbouring plots)


and this is now (it's just the rectangular plot in the middle, not the nice bed in the background on the left and none of the structures)


 I'm quite pleased.

The grassy patch at the top is grazing rye.

Aster2 your plot is looking good looks as though you have done loads since it started, nice lot of trees there, great sunny day today looks as though your allotments are nice and peaceful

Which way would your new bit of plot be?

I see you have chicken neighbours


Thanks, Gardengirl. It is very peaceful indeed. The new bit will be diagonally, top right. Closer to the trees at the back but not too shady.

I'm glad of the chicken neighbours, it'll be a good way to dispose of slugs.


Think I can see a plot with long grassy plants behind that greenhouse is that it? or is it out the picture


No, it's out of the picture.

Aster2 , looking good , lots of hard work gone into it 

Funny my border fork broke but next door is a great engineer so he will fix it 

Was in Town today and Wilkos have really good garden tools and at a good price 


Thanks, GWRS!

Aster2 - your plot is looking good......You'll find if you can generate heat in the black compost bin's, stuff rots down really quickly and you can end up with black gold, good enough to mix with mpc for potting up.   

I was down on the plot today and found it really disheartening. We have one bee keeper, and he was leaving with his hives..   

Zoomer44 is he giving up the plot?  nice that you got to the plot

Aster2 that's me looking the wrong way dyslexic here looked to the top left

Us lot and our forks hey


Thanks, Zoomer44! I'm very keen on composting. One of the bins is now full and I have to be very strict with myself not to open it every time I'm on the plot to check on how it's doing...

That's really disappointing with the beekeeper. You wouldn't want to keep bees yourself?

Gardengirl, my mother never got a driving licence because she wasn't able to follow instructions "turn left" and "turn right". I imagine there are far more dyslexic people around than are ever diagnosed, if that makes sense.


GG, they dont take long to germinate but are late summer flowering.

Lovely plot Aster, are you in the countryside, it looks very rural or is that an illusion?

Went to Aldi today to do my weekly shop, big poster for the garden stuff advertising it for todays date, guess what, no gardening stuff to be seen (tools etc) Plenty of plants and small trees though

Ginagibbs , Aldi the web site say garden stuff from tommrow , o/h is going to go and get some perlite , vermiculite and 2 window sill propergates , have 2 already and they are great , not sure about poultry pellets , have been to Range and B & Q today ,  Aldi is considerably cheaper 

Compost , have got 2 bins ready to empty , gong to put some around Rhubarb and some on aprasgus bed 


Thanks, ginagibbs! Yes, it is very rural.


GWRS snap went to B &Q today too, we got some half calf purple welly boots - me and mum, some seed compost and multipurpose compost, also a few sale plants wallflower and primroses for a few quid also had a £10 off voucher when spend over £30, had a quick nose in some of the sheds not too bad, they have some nice bulbs in stock

Have used the chicken pellets before still have some somewhere in garage got them from a neighbour good for putting in planting hole to feed the plants  

I have planted the plants already in front door pot and one near plastic green houses

Thanks Ginagibbs

Aster that is probably right

When we go to Aldi we should all take a picture of the front of the building see how different the buildings all look

Gardengirl , Aldi I suspect would all look the same , Corporate Image 

We will be in Swindon next Thursday so no trip to Lidl , I bet they all look the same as well

Planning to spend the Weekend  at the plot 

Hello o/h went to Aldi and got perlite , vermiculite , decided to try poultry pellets and some potting trays with lids , so already for sowing n April 

 Well here is the pic of the outside of Aldi that I went to

Got some seed compost, netting tunnel and netting growing cloche, windowsill tray as the one I have is a bit broken and cracked, vermiculite, sieve  and waterproofing spray

Also as they had trees outside which were down to £2.49 I decided to get an apple tree Golden Delicious really like that apple have a tree at home already, will plant in a pot for now  

GWRS that sounds right, took a picture of the store, good you will be ready for April