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Zoomer what size will the shed be ? by the slabs and will it block all the light in the day, my black currant at mo in pot was in prt shade i garden and fruit ripened

Great that you got some slabs

It"s a double doored shed, at least 6 by 6. 

I've tried e-mailing the committee  but the mail keeps bouncing back. The plants will be in total shade, they already compete with a huge birch tree on the other side. 

I'm sure he hasn't realised it will block the light.

Scroggins , green maure , have used clover in past , it does stop weeds BUT I found really difficult when digging in , it just kept growing , so would NOT recommend that one 

I am trying a different one and will let you known 

One of the plot holders uses Mustard seed but he rotavates it in 

Zoomer could you see if they could put shed in different spot ?

Have just been offered a load of plums so going to collect them this afternoon 


Hi all,

Sounds like you are all busy. went to the plot yesterday to mow the paths, 3 hours later still on plot clearing weeds, picking crops,watering raised beds and sewing radishes and rocket.

Still munching our way through courgettes and runner beans, tomatoes just started to go red now, finished the beetroot and carrots, wish I had space to plant more.

Good luck with the shed issue Zoomer that's very inconsiderate of them!


Thanks GWRS, I think rotovating it in would work best. Sorry to hear about the shed issue Zoomer, hopefully the guy is reasonable and when he realises it will shade your plot he'll erect it elsewhere. Most sites have rules on such things, he may not be aware of the situation?


I managed to e-mail one of the committee members, someone has spoken to the guy about his shed and he's going to move it further on to his plot. Good result...👍

Zoomer , yes good result 

Hello , we had a glut of outdoor cucumbers 🥒, having given several away , o/h found recipe for cucumber soup and just had it for lunch it was surprisingly good 

GWRS cucumber soup is good great lunch for you, I made some once

Well the judges came to Woolston train station garden, an hour late cause of trains playing up so they got there at 2.24 instead of 1.24 by train, so we were there from 11.30 till about 3.45, tidying up the gardens to start with

2 of them both called Paul and a tag along wife to one, they had a good look around all the bits of garden and the main area we are doing with veg and flowers, had a high up train man as well as the main man

We took and put up some bunting, a bench we got on gumtree yesterday

To bribe the judges I made a packet cupcake mix also took our table to help with cups of teas and for the hot water maching to go on, so teas and cake,  had bench/ chairs out and had to try and explain what we have done

They enjoyed the garden really liked what we have done over the year stayed for an hour then off again, they have been looking all over the place, in the morning they were in London and yesterday Norfolk

So top awards gold, silver and bronze wont find out till October, they go by points in each section, so long wait for results so fingers crossed

Re-painted my Allotment plot number so need to put that up

Gg. Hope the judges liked the garden.

Cucumber soup sounds good. I made broad bean soup with a glut and runner beans may start to go the same way.

You can't beat a bowl of home made soup. My father used to make pea and ham soup to die for...😀

The shed has gone up next door, it's not been built that much further into his plot.... but does let in some light.

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