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 I seldom water anything after the initial soaking when planting out. I shall make a note scroggin πŸ˜€

Hello all been away for a few days , should get to plot this week to see what’s what 

I take a flask of hot water for coffee and cuppa soups 

Hope all’s well with everybody 

GWRS you can come join me and scroggin with the hot water flask for tea to go with the biscuits - so we can all get digging on my plot

Went to the plot today put the bird house back up and small bit of digging till got bit too cold 

Hello , got to plot this afternoon for a couple of hours , we had a really bad frost just before we went a way , so the main Dalia bed needed cutting down and mulching , still got some more to do , hoping to pop to plot again tomorrow 

Gardengirl what about Virtual Tea β˜•οΈ & biscuits πŸͺ 

GWRS that is ok tea and biscuits on here, but what about the digging

Went to the plot today small bit of digging and then planting bulbs in bulb planter pots so I can move them after finished if not planted in right place - going to use some as cut flowers

nice watching the birds around the plot


Hi you guys. Went to the allotment association meeting this evening. It went well. I'm going to attend the next one.

Juries still out about being more active. I'd like to help develop a sense of community any suggestions you guys...


Zoomer, glad your meeting went well. Does your plot have a shop or communal shed? This is a good way for plot holders to meet each other.

Zoomer do you have a area like a shop or shed?  where you all can go have a drink

What about any little bits around the site get planted up

Bake sale, plant sale coffee morning,   Glad you liked the meeting and you can attend another

We don't have a shop but do have a picnic area and bar b cue. 

A plant sale and coffee morning sound good, we are a member of a national Allotment association and can get discount seeds from some companies there maybe other benefits , I'd like to progress that. 

Zoomer , one year we got free trees 🌲 from woodland trust to plant in hedgerows , lots of people help , Also once a year a general tidy up 

If you have a vacant plot , see if a school wants it ?

Zoomer Plant swap, B&Q wastage scheme which lets allotments in , our allotment does raffles

Went to the tip with some garden waste from the allotment as at min have to go past the tip all the time to get to the allotment site

Someone over night has fly tipped a pile of manly garden waste but big stuff, onto a plot which has not been really worked yet and some on the road must of been a lorry tipper what a mess

The boundary fence is always in need of new hedging, contacting the woodland trust is a good idea.

Gg. What is the B&Q wastage scheme?

Can't believe the cheek of people fly tipping. Someone left a Formica work top outside my plot.


My order of bareroot Raspberry canes arrived yesterday, nice looking roots. Planted them out today in a prepared bed and gave them a good mulch of compost. Plan to erect stakes and wires tomorrow. 3 varieties, Joan J, Polka and Autumn Bliss.

Autumn sown sweet peas are starting to germinate in the greenhouse, about 50% so far. 

Gardengirl, I had also never heard of B & Q wastage scheme will have a look 

Hoping to get to plot tomorrow  


Gg. Thanks for the links will contact my local store to see if they are part of the scheme

Garden today clearing out my small shed as rat made a right mess in there, need to patch up the side and floor where the hole is

Glad I could be of help with B&Q scheme, there should be more doing that

Got to plot today and we cut down and burnt the Jureslum Artichokes buy the fence , However , it was about 50 ft long should have took picture , done in afterwards but pleased got it done 

Hoping to go to plot n Monday 

Sprouts , wondered how other where doing , mine really small , very poor this  year 

I composted mine a few weeks ago. I've never been very successful with sprouts, they'd been eaten by either slugs or Caterpillars 

I've a dwarf variety for next year, will have one more try at growing themπŸ˜€

I"m decorating tomorrow, and the link, the feature wall is  palm trees...πŸ˜€

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I can take or leave sprouts on the dinner plate so I only tend to grow a couple of plants to produce enough for Xmas dinner. This year, like a lot of veg, they were ready for picking in August! I might follow your lead next year Zoomer and go for a dwarf variety, much easier to net as this years plants are over 4ft high.