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Today got 8 planks up in the shed yeah
Looks as though the chickens have swapped back houses on plot next to mine

GWRS that is big J Artichokes

Bubble rapped 90% Of g/h today and cleaned it out ready for winter 

Hoping to Going to plot tomorrow but depends on weather !

Sunny a bit today so more people on their plots

More planks up today in shed and a small bit of sanding, then went to Wyevale GC got some bird food, had a bit of a look around and got some cheap alliums

Thanks Gg. I've contacted my local B&Q and will collect an application form later.


Only get to see my plot at weekends now as it's dark when i go to work and dark when I get home! Only had my plot since May and have had to spend each moment that I can clearing it a repairing / creating it as it was waist high with weeds and rubbish. Got an old greenhouse on there now (got it for £10 - bargain!) and would love to start sowing stuff in there soon - is there anything I can sow now? I also found some old bricks and have created my very own "Longmeadow" path! 

Hi TyCerrig, sounds exciting that you have a new allotment. I bet you can't wait to get down there at the weekends 😉 There are several things you can plant now. Peas, broadbeans, some salad leaves, search the GW website, there are lots of useful sections on it. I have a lovely book by Geoff Hamilton A Year in your Garden, I used it so much when I first started in my veg plot. A lot of it is trial and error and you learn as you go along. You will find some things grow easy for you on your land, some struggle, some get pests and gradually you find your favourites, happy growing 😉

Tycerrig your GH was a real bargin.

I find now is the time to get ahead. I use the winter months improving the structure on the plot by adding paths, repairing fences etc. 

You can plant  fruit trees, currant and gooseberry bushes and raspberry canes now.

Asparagus and new rubbarb crowns can be planted. If you want to grow flowers to cut or just to encourage pollinators it's not to late to plant some bulbs, tulips can still be planted now.

Good luck.


TyCerrig, congrats on your greenhouse. I must admit the only thing growing in mine are some autumn sown sweet peas. If you do sow peas or beans, keep an eye out for mice, they can be a proper nuisance and love peas and beans.

Went to plot today, erected a frame for my new Raspberry bed, used some old 2"by 2" posts and galvanized wire. Picked the last of the calabrese and the first sprouts. 

I have not got around to sowing sweetpeas yet and not sure if I am too late

Went to the plot today and just about as quick as anything planted the last 2 bulb baskets (with tulips for cutting and crocus), as the bonfire from next door plot from yesterday was really smoking and the windy weather was blowing it our way and not good

Not sure what next door plot neighbours are doing seem to be removing the fruit cage and they had them yellow raspberries there from plot owner before, unless they did not like them - re designing

Zoomer that is good that the store does the scheme


Gardengirl, I think the consensus of opinion is that Spring sown Sweet Peas give a longer flowering season so it may be as well to wait. I only grow them because it's nice to have some seedlings to grow during the winter.

Thanks Scroggin, I was late with sowing sweet peas this year and they are still flowering now

Loana, you're right - I really do look forward to getting down there at weekends, although trying to balance family life with allotment time can be tricky! I am using this time mostly like Zoomer - putting the structure of the plot in, as it has never really had one. My allotment neighbour has been there for the last 11 years and he says that no-one has ever really 'loved' it, and he was complimentary about what I done so far, which was nice to hear! Just got to finish the brick path and put a few more paving slabs down. I know someone who works in wood and have been able to beg some sleeper off-cuts from him to build the raised beds (8 of them!). It's great that they are free, but they don't really measure up because they are all different sizes! I guess that's the spirit of allotment creation though...? the paving slabs are all free too, but none of them match either! 

There was absolutely nothing growing in the allotment when I got it back in May (except LOTS of weeds) so everything will have to start from scratch. I have bought 3 small fruit trees (1 pear, 1 plum and 1 apple) so the first planting will soon take place!! VERY exciting!!

What is everyone's thoughts on sowing green manure? I was reading about it for my (as yet) empty raised beds

TyCerrig has any of your plot neighbours got fruit trees?  to help with pollinating, brilliant nice to buy fruit trees, great your neighbour likes your progress on the plot

Probably bit late to sow green manure now, have used it does ok just remember to dig it in the right time, you could cover the areas with cardboard or weed mattinng, or if you know of a horse stable with manure you could ask as most with give away if you bag it for free, you could cover the ground with that

Went to the plot today got some weed matting from shop and covered couch grass area hope that will help before digging it

Also done a good bit of digging clearing some of the crops grown, the weed rubbish we then took it to the tip on way home

cold but sunny nice out


Went to the plot and laid some more of the path I'm making.

I've been soaking perennial weeds,  when they've rotted down the plan is to dig them into the soil. It saves a trip to the tip.

I've some winter jobs still to do.


Hi all, hope you are all well. Its ages since I last caught up with this thread. Dark nights and "home stuff" have meant not much time on the plot. I did manage to dig a bean trench for the first time and I'm filling it with kitchen scraps.Beans were very good this summer, so will be interested to see if they are any better with this method.

still harvesting parsnips, rocket, chard and kale. Brussel sprouts are a disappointment though, so tiny!

Well done on your bargain green house TyCerrig. My one at home cost me £50 second hand but about £150 in new glass!! The lady with the plot next to me is making a "Long meadow" path too, quite fancy one myself !


Hello Gina sounds as though you have a good lot to harvest still, report back on the bean trench

Zoomer you are making good progress with the path, interesting with the weeds

Went and got some more nails for the shed

Hello everybody , went to plot yesterday to dig up some veg for weekend , sprouts disappointing , very small 

Gardengirl , I believe you can get green manure you can sow in the winter , i will see if I can find the name of it next week when I go to plot again 

Monday stained main shed 

Giniagbs , wondered what a “ long Meadow “ path was ?

Picked up a bargain at Lidl outlet a full size fire bin for £5 , it had a damaged handle 

Blooming cold at moment and little snow flurries 

Went to the allotment today just to drop off the pallets I picked up the other day which I hope will be good to make into a shed door, watched the birds, filled the feeder

GWRS great bargain, I want snow none here just the ice/ frost