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Went to the plot today and done some more wood sanding, some digging and also harvested some parsnips

Not been to the plot for a while, was away last weekend.

I've been going through seed catalogues.

I'm going to try and sow somethings at least twice next yr so am looking at early varieties. 

Early lettuce did well last yr  but not so well mid summer. Peas and broad beans did well but didn't sow a second lot. 

Hello all, today had a bonfire of some of the weeds - very cold day,  the other day got a few more planks up in shed 

Zoomer I did not sow stuff enough or seconds lots of things, still harvesting lettuce from garden that got in Wyevale

Hello , Hoping to get to plot on Wednesday and do some pruning , subject to weather of course 

I'm hoping to go on Sunday.


Went to plot to check nothing had blown away after storm Caroline and the recent snow. 

All's well. I've two panes of glass missing from one GH so taped up the hole until I can get some glass. 

Went to the plot today trying to have a bonfire but wood too wet so did not go well, was very icy under foot today and so soil bit solid in places, did watch the birds (sparrows) checking out houses on my plot and next door which is brill, went to the tip with more allotment green waste

No snow here nice and warm this way, did have to go on a trip to Wales and got to see loads of snow and play with a bit

All these dam storms hope you find some glass Zommer for your GH

Hello , ground well and truly frozen 

It's the winter solstice tomorrow, days start getting longer. 

It's been ever so cold here. I've been going through my diary. Started sowing chillies in February and spuds had been chitting since January.

Merry Christmas everyone, I got a sign for the plot with my name on from secret Santa...🎅

Hello everybody , went to plot on Monday to haverst a few things and tidy up 🌶

Now with relatives in Swindon for festive season 🍾

Have a good Christmas everybody 🎄

Happy New Year everybody 🍾


Happy New Year to you too GWRS.

This last week I have mostly been spending money, needed a pea frame and my onions, shallots,  and seed potatoes ordering - T&M have a full allotments worth for about £16.

These are the only things going in the allotment this year (half plot) because I’m carving up part of my back garden and putting a bed made out of a greenhouse base in it for all the stuff that needs really looking after. I’ve cheated and bought those veg and salad mats for it because they were on sale. 

Out for a meal this evening but will bring in the new year at home. Happy New Year you guys.

I'm thinking of subscribing to a garden mag again, if the offer is still on 20 packets of seeds come with first mag. Will only need to buy spuds then to start chitting in New year.

Expecting strong winds here over next few days so went to plot to make sure everything was batoned down and replaced some cracked glass in GH's.

There were quite a few plot holders there, prepping their plots ready for spring.


Hello , bought  10 autumn raspberry  canes yesterday for new bed at allotment 

Also popped up there with posts for the new bed , everything looked ok 

Hoping to start again from Tuesday , although turning cold should be dry 

Zoomer , ment to ask , just being nosey which Mag you where thinking about ?

The mag is kitchen garden, I fancied a change to GW mag.

Zoomer , when first got allotment somebody gave me a load of old back issues to read , Agree very good mag 

I first read KG mag when I had a small kitchen garden but it's more for those with a large plot. Haven't actually ordered it yet...