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Hi fellow plotters,

Hope you all  had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Very cold down here in Gloucestershire, snow and storms so apart  from the occasional trip to get some parsnips etc not done much on the plot. Our delivery of bark chippings came so got my paths done.

Quite a few people have left the site and there is one whole plot free nearer the gate. Very tempted but I don't want to leave my plot as I have put heart and soul into it. I have contacted our council to ask if the guys next door leave, then to let me know. Desperate for more growing space!!

Onions and garlic are showing now and I still have a lot of cabbages and kale in the ground. Raised beds have lettuce and rocket to harvest still!

Don't think I will be at the plot this week either, mother in laws funeral tomorrow and picking up a new car on Sunday! Missing gardening

so here are some photo's of my before and after!


You should be very proud of the transformation Gina. 

Gina , cracking job , must be very proud of what you have achieved

Got to plot today , air damp and started to rain as I left at 3-00 

Dug up some leeks , Picked some sprouts and dug up the rest of golden beetroot 

Started  the pruning 

If weather permits will pop up tomrow for a couple of hours 

Amazing job Gina! Mine is being dug out from scratch after having been left overgrown for a couple of years. I’m more than half way and dreaming of the season to come. Been down every weekend (even in snow) to do something since -  last August! Loving every minute. Hope mine looks half as good as yours in years to come. Here is my progress so far...


from this to........


Caroline , coming on well 



That looks really good Caroline, with Spring around the corner you must be looking forward to planting in all your raised beds .

Excited I am! Have a lovely greenhouse at home and can’t wait to get started sowing some seeds! Holding off though for a bit but doing a lot of reading and planning!

still a few more beds to do and the back is being turned into a wild life flower area with pond and bench eventually! Will be looking for lots of advice from all you experience fellow allotmenteer in the very near future......

Ginagibbs that looks fab - how long from before to after?

Caroline117 Yours looks really good too

Hello GWRS and Scroggin

Went to the plot and done something today, started building the compost bins, have some bits of pallet screwed together and getting there with that, nice to be able to get to the allotment as have been ill with cold/ flu-ey last few weeks

Another great bit of news we now have line markings a H bar outside the allotment gate thanks to the form me and my mum filled in, back in October with peoples reg numbers on - so no more cars parking in gateway goodie


You could do worse than check out this almanac - 

It's produced by a chap, now in his early 80s who's been running a couple of plots on a site near Huddersfield for decades.  It includes advice on what to do and when - soil prep, sowing, pricking out etc.  Just tweak the timings according to where you are in the country.   


Just had a quick look at your link Obelixx, as you say ,lots of useful information. Thanks.

Good news about the parking at your plot Gardengirl.

Oberlix , saved site to look at later 

Yes good news Gardengirl 


Tee Gee posts on the A4A forum but knows I share his almanac on here when appropriate.  Lovely chap.

Hello , another 2 hours at allotment pruning , huge pile to burn , nearly finished  , hope to get up there on Sunday 

Hi, went to plot this morning, prepared a bed as I'm going to move some fruit bushes.

Also bought some summer bulbs and some 1st and 2nd earlies.

It was a lot milder this morning here in Sheffield so I also popped down to the plot and managed to almost complete my second strawberry bed and more paths for wood chipping.

will think about planting some garlic out tomorrow as going to stay dry for the main part and of the day. Will cloche to protect . Didnt get a chance to late last year.

Exciting times! Snow drops, daffodils and crocus all poking their noses up at home in the garden oh and my potted dwarf iris

currently drawing up plans for when to start sowing what seeds come late Feb/March undercover! 😀


I"be been going through my seed box, there are some flowers which can be sown from February.

Looked in my old diaries today and I've sown chillies and aubergines in February.

Garlic, onions and shallots were planted out in October 

I've some elephant garlic to plant out, haven't grown it before, 

Hello , bought 1st & 2nd early potatoes from Wilo , now chittng in Conservatory 

Last week bought 10Autumn rasberry canes for a new bed and posts 

Hope all’s going well with everybody 

Which varieties did you get, GWRS.

I've Sharps Express and Wilja. Will probably get a couple more  but haven't decided which.  There are two potato days coming up locally, looking forward to them.

Zoomer , hello bought Arron Pilot 1st early and Maris Peer 2nd Early

Been to plot today I finished the Pruning & o/h stained posts for new Raspberry bed 

Huge pile ready for burning 

Zoomer good you found two potato days near you, I am going to one end of month

Went to plot today more building compost bins

Question for all going to make compost bin for storing some well rotted horse manure would you line the bin with black plastic or weed matting?

Great you getting your potatoes