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Gardengirl , personally I would use black plastic , I have put horse manure in plastic compost bins with other stuff , rotted down nicely 


Hi Garden Girl, Plot took about a year to get my plot to its current state, lots of work as I couldn't use a rotivator, we have a problem with horse tail! I hand weeded and dug a small area at a time !

Caroline, you should be so proud of your work so far , I love the hedge either side, it must protect your plot. I have a row of hedging and trees on the north side, it does help!

Hello everybody , Been to plot to day and burnt 🔥 all the pruning , very pleased with self 


That's a job I've yet to do GWRS all my pruning and woody stuff are lurking behind my polytunnel !

Didn't get to the plot yesterday, one of my dogs got trodden on by the horse, so ended up at the vets

He is ok, its just a cut and he's sporting a bright blue bandage now, mind you it was so cold and windy I don't think I could stand being outside for too long.

Ginagibbs , sorry to hear about dog 🐕 but pleased he is ok 



Ginagibbs, hope your dog is soon on the mend. 

Only just read you post Gg, I'd use black plastic, my bin has a weed membrane but only as it was to hand when I made the bays.

I'm redesigning one of my beds and going to have a nursery for first sowings and seedlings. I acquired some pallet braces, I think that's what they're called, the plan is to have at least four small beds, close to the GH.

I'll take some pics and try to post them when finished. It may take a few weeks as the weather hasn't been ideal, it was snowing here this morning. Not sure what it's going to be like over the weekend. I've started to relocate the fruit bushes to make room.

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