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There is a long running thread on this forum "the good guys" that gives info on many different suppliers.

If you use the Search facility, you should be able to pick it up easily

Always pleased with Crocus although they are expensive. Have heard good reports of Clair

Austin but not used her yet myself. Haven't tried the others but I think they are quite established?

Crocus aren't the cheapest but quality always been good - I've used them a lot.  Quite often they have discounted weekends so the price is then pretty good.  Also their delivery charges are low, and also offer a next day service for a little more.  They also have a massive range.

plantsforshade I've used once - the order was missing items, this was rectified.  Quality wasn't great either tbh, havent used them since.


I had plants from Plants for shade. Well packed, arrived quickly, established well.


Ah well it seems that all companies have very good reviews so I think my decision will be down to lowest price :)

Reason I ask is because I ordered Geranium Rozanne plug plants from last November and they have just started to flower and it turns out they aren't Rozanne at all! These flowers are pink and not the lovely light blue colour that they should be! I have to say Jparkers have been great though and have refunded me.

So I'm now after the real thing :)

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Beware of Parkers!

Actually avoid it, as I learnt to my cost when I first started buying online .

Had good results from Crocus, apart from the fact that the plant discription is over top of the pictures of the plants and therefore very difficult to read, but I have had no problems with Thompson and Morgan yet I know most folk on here hate them, The Austins are long established I am sure they would be OK


My Rozanne came from Sarah Raven earlier this year - very healthy and flowering away.  The plants from her have all been of very high quality.

Parkers aren't that bad. I've used them a few times. They're great for ordering masses of bulbs. That I can recommend :)


Claire Austin and Crocus both get thumbs up from me - great plants, well packed

Sarah raven yes, made an order a couple of days ago.

Crocus, Sarah Raven, Thorncroft, Burncoose etc

never had a problem, good luck


I find hayloft good for unusual plants  crocus is pricey but good and plants for shade were excellent 


Parkers are a bit mixed but have had good plans and their sale offers are very cheap, I just avoid Thompson and Van Meuwen like the plague! 


Thanks for the suggestions guys. In the end I went with crocus. They were a couple of quid more expensive per plant than the rest, however they were 2 litre pots whereas the others were all 9cm so I'm pleased 

Big difference, I often get "had" being a woman of a certain age, and not understanding metric, I looked at plants for sale and they would arrive, me thinking they were a bargain, and the 9cm pot is a mere 3 inches, but how diverse, you get small pots by cm large pots by weight ie litres.


Thumbs up for Crocus and Plantsforshade used both a lot and always had a good experience.

Not so with Claire Austin unfortunately, they were very reluctant to replace a plant that had arrived in bad condition.  I was told that it wasn't policy to replace single plants due to the postage costs.  Got a refund in the end.

Buy from Joe ann cheap and great plants she even delays delivery depending on warm weather so they are not held up in sorting offices.

Ebay shop:

Also recommend Crocus, claire austin,  Plantsforshade, peter Nyssen  brought from all these excellent quailty plants and bulbs from Peter Nyssen are great price and lots of variety if you want something different Dutch Garden World are excellent as well but you can pay with paypal and amounts in euros are converted when purchased to pounds 

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