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Good Day Friends..

I am wondering what is the official name of this seed?

In Bahrain we call it "engil" [G like in garden], but that is merely a colloquial name, I need the scientific name or the English known name! Thanks!


They look suspiciously like unshelled Almonds to me.

I thought the same thing too 


It is not almond for sure, the almond seeds come with little holes and you can open it easily with your mouth (or even hand).

This one is way smaller (maybe 20%) and way harder (you have to use a tool to open it).



Well I do not know about almonds in Bahrain, but the ones here in Britain need very good nut crackers and strong hands. Never seen easy to open ones.

Those kernels look even more like what we know as Almonds than the unopened ones.

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