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hi guys  last time i took cuttings they rotted

Halving an existing plant down the middle is the easist method, you have roots and they grow. They grow well from seed if you have gravel soil.

Cuttings are usually easy - taken in Spring and inserted in light, gritty soil should see them well rooted in a month or 2.


Up here in Scotland I would wait until early summer before taking lavender cuttings. You need to take some non flowering shoots about 3 inches long. Strip off most of the lower leaves and insert them into a pot filled with gritty compost. Put somewhere shady for a couple of weeks and they should root. Make sure they don't dry out. 

Lots of YouTube videos will show you how. The magic term is 'semi ripe cuttings'. I think there is a video on this site.  

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I've had success with some cuttings: pelargoniums, rosemary are just a couple that spring to mind.

However like sambo I've had no joy with lavender at all.  I didn't realise they should be put in a shady spot though, maybe that's where I'm going wrong!!



I take semi ripe cuttings with a heel in the summer,  put them around the edge of a terracotta pot in a very gritty compost and leave in a cold frame in light shade until roots appear at the base of the pot - probably the following spring. 



I'll give it another go in the summer.

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