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Hello I'm a newbie here, I just want to know if I should rotavate my plot as it' grass atm or do I do by hand as been told from a few people that I should dig by hand but it' s not hard the ground


Hi and welcome

I would dig it over by hand, picking all the grass roots out ... there could be couch grass amongst it and a rotavator will break up the roots ... and every bit of broken couch grass root will grow 

Hi I had a feeling I would have too..gonna take me ages as it' 126m2 lol. Thank ou for replying I appreciate it  🙂


Hi Kelly, congrats on getting an allotment. It does appear daunting when you're faced with a large expanse of wilderness.

What worked for me was looking at it as an ongoing project. First step was to cultivate enough just to grow a few basic crops in the first year. The rest of the plot can be covered in plastic, old carpet etc or just kept under control with a strimmer.

Gradually you can increase the area under cultivation, having fruit beds helps, as once planted you don't need to do any further digging, just weeding and mulching.

Give yourself manageable chunks to do, otherwise it becomes a chore. After all it should be fun.


Cheaper than a gym membership and you're getting fresh air too 

Make sure your fork is the right length for you and comfortable to use so you don't hurt your back.  

And don't work the soil if it's claggy (i.e. if it's so wet that it sticks to your boots).  Leave it to dry out a bit.


Haha I'm a Geordie so I know exactly what claggy is lol..the plot is not that bad th it' rather soft so will be easy to sort...stupid Q...but how far down dk I need to dig to get rid of the grass top?


LOL ... looks like we're going to be able to make a gardener of you if you already know what claggy is

.Hopefully you'll only need to go down just one 'spit' (the depth of  a spade blade) ... some people might say that you should 'double dig'  but if the soil is fairly good, and definitely if it's been an allotment in the past, then you probably can get away with just normal digging. 

Lool I hope so.. thank ou so much for your help ..i thought you were going to say clariy too x

Sorry bloody i ment to say thankyou for all your help and i thought you were going to say clarrrty too 🤣😂😊


It's a pleasure ... come back and ask whatever you want to ... we've all been beginners and nothing is too obvious or too basic ... before and after photos are great too ....... we love looking at other peoples 's gardens and allotments 

😊 i dont have any pics as yet picking key up either tmoz or sat so will take pics before and after x

I feel so daft now asking simple questions 😉

I DONT feel so daft i ment lool 


LOL'd never believe some of the daft things some of us have done ....... but we're not telling 

Haha i can quite imagine 😉

Victoria Sponge

Welcome Kelly, please keep us updated with your progress


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