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Obellisk's wisteria is just glorious. I get jealous every time I see that photo.  

I am green with envy. 


Here's the other one then, probably the same age but not in a bed, just gravel path so less food I expect, though I did feed it last spring.

The other benefits from feeding and mulching.


Mine was in a pot for 5 years and I did nothing to it. Once it was planted in the ground in decent soil at the corner of the lounge it grew very quickly and within 2 years we had our first flowers. It has flowered for the last 4. We cut the long tendrils back and that's all we do. Sometimes we get a second lot of flowers in autumn. But ours in't as spectacular as Obelixx's. Something to aspire to


I've seen these things wrap round houses and also head off down hedges and fences for 20 or 30 metres and no doubt more if allowed.  There's on an arch over a gate and front path just up the road and some of it has escaped off along the front hedge.  Glorious in spring.

I've got one on our front terrace wall which is about 5ft high and 15ft long so I'm training shoots on the right hand through the privet hedge doing an abrupt 90 degree turn and then along the outside of a boundary wall/fence going along the side of the house. It's working so far and we had flowers on this side last year so I'm quite hopeful this year. I thought I'd train it on the outside togive pleasure to our neighbours and passersby, as it cheers up an otherwise blank wall. I also planted a climbing rose Etoile de Holland (dark red) on the outside as well (before the wisteria). Terrible colour clash I know, but hopefully they won't flower at the same time.!

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