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Would be a shame to ruin it I think. what this garden lacks in the basics it more than makes up for in broken concrete, hardcore, and bricks.   I would probably be better off paving the back garden and importing soil to raise the beds, but it would be impossible to get it up the steep bank my house sits on.  Ah well, every day is a new adventure and at least I’m getting very very fit.

If you want to get rid of the slab put it on freecycle. People are always looking for odd slabs. 

As already mentioned the trick is not to lift it. Use stout wood or metal bar to lever it up & wedge underneath. Then raise one end & "walk it " to where you want it or to a place where it can be taken away from.

I got the dang thing moved, it’s now what I stand on when potting and the treacherous dip has now been filled in. Moved a couple of young trees to the area it was. Also planted a red leaf peach in a big pot. Tomorrow I’m going to plant the first part of my new flowering shrub hedge out the front. Phew. 

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