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Whilst  brushing I saw something looking at me realised what Bailey markings looked like.Do you see it !!!Spooky


Hi Puzzle..what a great picture, your kitty looks so comfy and contented.

Yes, I can see the scary face 


Can't find it now, but there was a lovely picture on Facebook of a black cat with white blotches on her tummy that looked as though she was wearing a bikini.


Thomas has a big circle either side of his back. Not very striking compared to Bailey.



Cosmos - not a mark on him.   All white except for pink nose and paw pads and aquamarine eyes.


Here he is snuggling with Minstrel who likes to butt her head up close for cuddles.


Hi everyone 

lobing the beautiful pictures of all our little friends.They are all gorgeous, keep pictures coming😺😺I will get picture of lilly sparkle my neighbors cat she has a big love heart on her side, sure you will love to see it.Bailey is now Shelby we couldn’t decide which name we’ve only had him 2 weeks so we are sticking with Mr.Shelby, yes another peaky blinder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Fab name Puzzle!

Here is Mr Sydney who has the most beautiful coloured coat. It has a very unusual pinky tone to it. And his predecessor, the late, great Mr Pete who was such a handsome chap. Both with bags of character.



Hi Tootles

What a pair, they are beautiful. Wanted to start this new thread, very interested in cats, love them all. Big cats on T.V at present just abit bigger πŸ˜‚ x


My other two little men Miffy and Molly 🐱


It looks like the black and white one has got a moustache.  

Love all the cats but especially the ginger lad. I had one just the same when I was a child. His name was cookie crumble and I loved him to bits.

Shiro and Tobes my kitties

Mister the leader of the pack.


Gorgeous and Mister looks like Mr.Shelby 

Mr. Shelby is beautiful and looks just like my Mister


All beautiful cats!

My two brothers are nine months old. George is black and white with a beautiful pattern, particularly on his face - with a 'mask and blaze' effect. Charlie is black (looks dark brown in the sun) with a tiny white splashes at the 'bow tie' and a marvellous white 'sporran'!

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Oh, gorgeous kitties.

Here are my two, my little tiger who is a tinker but with beautiful markings and my loveable girl who is just grey and grumpy :)

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Oh Tiger! You have the most beautiful markings! I'm in love with all of the cats though! 

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