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Thankyou Giddy - loooove sweet peas 😍


Smashing chciky - there'll be no stopping you now 

I haven't taken many garden pix lately, but thoroughly enjoying all the terrific photos of everyone else's. Really stunning. 

Pat - I've had a little Anemone popped up here recently. I had bought some a few years ago and forgotten about them.  It's quite unusual as it's white with dark purple anthers. It had got in amongst another plant which I put in the newest border. It clearly liked the spot  

Pat E

Hi Fairy. Yes there's not much colour in the garden at the moment, so it was nice to see those two doing their thing. Besides, I wanted to put some more pics on the jigsaw site, so they got on there.

Fuschia, Abelia, Agapanthus, Gladiolus.

Hydrangea selection.



Very arty display AuntyR - and that's just your post!  


Lovely Aunty R. I particularly like the colour of the gladiolus.

Stunning pics AuntyRach. 

Can I ask which variety of Hydrangea is the one bottom left?

I have the exact same which I  thought  wasn't blooming it's best as I followed incorrect pruning last year. Obviously looking at yours I now know it is blooming as it should. Any tips please on keeping it this way.....  i.e  feeding, pruning etc 


Very nice pics everyone 

Glad you like the pics folks - thank you. 

The bottom left Hydrangea is a lacecap but I don't know the variety as it was planted before I moved in. I am embarrassed to say that the lacecap receives no feeding, no extra watering and no mulching - it is in the front garden so I just let it be. I do remove spent blooms in the Spring. I am going to prune a bit more next year however, as it is getting rather large. The aspect is strange as the house blocks the sun, except for in the Summer when it is high enough to give it South-facing rays. The shrub is quite sheltered, I suppose, as there is a Yew hedge behind it. 

Over the years, I have often found that if a plant likes it's position then it will thrive yet others will struggle despite following 'instructions'. 

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