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Pat E

Thanks Liri. I’m pleased with it too. 


Do the wallabies like to eat smoke bushes, Pat?

Pat E

I’m not sure Lizzie. Sometimes I’m not sure whether bent or broken branches are from kangaroos or wallabies.  If they are low branches that have been attacked, it’s often hares. They are quite large. Compared with my late little poodle who weighed 4 kg, the hares must be at least 5 kg.  I really need to catch them at it, but I think most of the activity is at night. 

Papi Jo


Lovely purple smoke bush! Pity it has to be put in a cage.

We've just had a few mornings of frost here, so I have started to wrap up the more delicate plants in my garden to provide protection against the frost. I was too careless last winter and lost quite a few specimens. I have wrapped up: Philotheca myoporoides, Diosma hirsuta 'Pink Fountain' (just starting to flower, much too early), Polygala myrtifolia (still in flower!), Amaryllis belladonna, Solanum jasminoides 'Alba' and Rosmarinus officinalis 'Pointe du Raz'.

Frosted garden

Frosted Heuchera & carex

Dessicated stems of Gaura lindheimeri  'Rosyjane'

Dessicated & frosted Echinacea

Fragile plants in their winter coats.


Still plenty of interest in your garden, Papi Jo.    Hope the delicate plants survive this winter.


Pat E

Hello Papi Jo. Yes the fencing is a bit off putting, but at least we can enjoy our plants instead of having them broken off and chewed. We have become used to thevfences. Don’t really notice them now. 



Clematis Napaulensis

Yes, that is a lovely clematis flower Cloggie, so nice to see them in flower at this time of year.


Agree with GD.  Flowers are valued at this time of year.


They're tiny but very welcome.

Pat E



......they are lovely in that setting Pat 

Pat E

Thanks Joyce. How are you going now after the festive season. It must have been hard for you. Hugs from me.


Pat - let's say that I am glad it's over.

Now looking forward to some dry weather for gardening.

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