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Thought I would start a new thread off for this year,  had a look through could not see one so here goes.

Great early start to the new gardening year knocking things into shape, plenty of early starters.  Plenty of the usual pests rats from the field over the fence seems to have gone now and squirrels eating crocus bulbs but overall not a bad winter season few more weeks to see off yet longing for spring now. 

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No, only because I have no clue how to post pictures on here!(or anywhere else for that matter!)

We changed it from red cedar to the blue seagrass it shows the plants and shrubs off well  but the bird mess does show up well so gone round every couple of weeks with disinfectant to clean

Thank you James. I remember your beautiful garden photos from last year so lovely to see all the bulbs coming up. My camelias have been flowering for about 3 weeks so spring is definitely almost here (but maybe not this week!)


Looks so beautiful your camelia Kaymay , we just got our first this year Camelia Volunteer.  Its potted up now with bark round the top.  

James & Kaymay- Wow your Camelias are very early, My buds are colouring up but definitely staying tight for now, other signs of life though.


Lovely camellias, what variety is that James ? I not seen one before with some many petals.

A lot of your plants are well in advance of mine, i haven't got anything flowering yet, a crocus looks like it might open soon.  I got a new camera now so hopefully I'll take more / better pictures this year 


Keen to know the variety too Kay, I recognise it as one of the earliest Spring flowering Camellias

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Hi Perki its called Camelia Volunteer.  This is its page at crocus

But you can get them at many places across the UK. We are  just starting it off in a pot for now, as we have it close to the house as we have glass doors that look out across the garden so its nice to see it while sitting down but will have to move it as we progress as it gets a lot of sun in summer

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Mark56 says:

Keen to know the variety too Kay, I recognise it as one of the earliest Spring flowering Camellias

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See original post

 Not sure Mark as it was already planted when I moved in. I live in Cornwall so lots of the camelias have been flowering for weeks. I spotted the first ones out in December. All the daffodils are out in the fields too.

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Hello, yours is a beautifully kept garden and so lovely to see all the bulbs and flowers appearing already. Can i ask what plant stars in the last picture after the daffodil please? It has a lovely pink colour in the leaf which looks so attractive. I have seen some bulbs appearing out of the ground and buds forming on my shrubs, life is gradually returning to the garden but we had a snow flurry this morning which will suspend the activity i expect! 


Thank you very much JamesO I shall definitely be on the look out for that one on my next trip to the garden centre, kind Regards. 

Victoria Sponge

What a beautiful picture of the daffs and sea Kaymay



Lovely camellias.  Much of my garden is in a frost pocket so unable to grow them.

Some pots of iris starting to flower.



I do love those we blue irises Joyce.   Not venturing out to take pics today but here are this morning's views from front and back doors.  Very unusual for the Vendée this close to the coast

Popped out just long enough to top up the bird food.


Obelixx- the bottom pic shows just how much ground you have to play with.

It will be good to see it later in the year after you have been ' in and at it'.


Most of that pic is actually paddock Joyce.  In theory the horsey neighbour is using it for his horses and paying us in horse poo.  In reality, he has wimped out so, after a wee chat, I shall invite farmer Luc to put cows and calves in there again so we can concentrate on this bit and the front.


The ground may be frozen hard here, but lots of bulbs are pushing up through the leaf litter in the Wilderness

The camera on my mobile can't cope very well with the low sunlight, but it's rather atmospheric ...

That's Hellebore 'Mrs Betty Ranicar' behind the snowdrops ... she's one of my favourites 

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