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"Really special" sounds good Ian.

Liri - I like the place clean before I go so I don't ruin all the benefits of a holiday by having to clean when I get back.  Just unpacking the car and doing the washing is plenty and then there's usually grass to cut, weeds to shift and crops to harvest too.

Heading off to patchwork now.  I hope they come up with better projects than last week!


Sounds fantastic Ian 

Have a good flight BL ... hope all goes well for your OH  ... the Norfolk & Norwich is a really good hospital ... and very close to us 


Hi folks. Good luck with your interview Clari and I hope the auction goes well. 

Can anyone spot what's wrong with my dresser display?


A forgotten strand of xmas dec Yvie?


You've got it Joyce, only just noticed them, must have checked that dresser three times when I took the deccies down.


Fire Lily

One Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake in the oven. It's the best chocolate cake ever invented. *drewling*


I've just Googled the recipe, Fire Lily - it looks amazing!  The nearest recipe I've made (originally for my daughter's coeliac friend, but loved by all who try it) uses ground almonds instead of flour and sinks in the middle.  Very rich and yummy...

Fire Lily

It taste just the way it looks. And you can put chopped nuts in it, some people even put some chili in the mix. 


Collapsed on the sofa ... this time we're full of Coronation chicken, Charlotte potatoes and Little Gem salad.  Very happy 

And yes, the Boyfriend/husband cardi is finished and sewn up ... just got to get the buttons tomorrow. 

OH's new jumper has been started 

Managed to do everything except wash the car!

early start in the morning, look after yourselves and Be Good!

Have a safe trip Lilyp and a lovely holiday!  x


Well done LP.   Have a good trip and a great holiday.

Patchwork was a mix today.   Took in my 9 block panel and was told I have to start quilting in the middle of each block and work out, using the stitching to emphasise the shapes as they are all different and then do the "tram lines" with a curvilinear stitch pattern to decorate.   Not the sort of thing to be doing by machine........    Bums.

Today's options for the fund raiser projects were the same as last time so I chose the least of several evils, decided most fo it is best done by machine and spent ages leafing through about 3' of magazines looking for info and inspiration.  Mind boggling amounts of twee or naff USA stuff.   I shall have to resort to the web.

Came home via a new, to us, supermarket so I could pick up a water butt.   Only one on display and chappy won't be there till tomorrow am.    We'd like a couple more, at least.   

Cold this evening so have a fire lit for a cosy evening.   Stay warm everyone and safe travels to BUsy and OH and anyone else on the move tomorrow.

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