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How absolutely beautiful Flumpy.  Just what I needed to cheer me up as i have to visit the health centre for a check up on my heart this morning.

Flumpy , nice looking flowers 💐 

Marion have a good trip to Health centre 


I hope all went well at the Health Centre Marion.

Love your pots of flowers Flumpy.  Did you have the pot of chrysanthemums last year too?

Very cold working outside this morning.

I see that the crocus, iris reticulata and some narcissus bulbs, in pots outside, are all starting to poke through already.


Awe Thankyou everyone, Joyce I've had that plant for about four years now, it seems to change colour every year 

Marion hope your check up went ok?

you all wrap up warm now 


Yes Flumpy.  Nurse was pleased with the results from the new medication.  i have to see my GP in two weeks time to let them  confirm my good progress is continuing but have a three month open appointment with the clinic in case I have any worries.  They think of everything!



Awe Marion, they sound like they are really looking after you and are very caring, your definately in good hands 

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