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I've told the OH I don't think we should have Lilies in the house in future. Not at floor level anyway. Dudley!


As long as he's not likely to dig up and eat the tubers he'll be fine.  Mine have been and we've had Rasta since March 2008.   

The main worry for me is our cats as getting the pollen on their coat and then ingesting it when they wash themselves can be fatal.   I grow mine in pots and usually choose the taller varieties which means I can keep flowers and pollen away from my kitties.

Dave Humby. He looks a bit sorry for himself. You can get polen free lillies, but i don't think they will have the perfume.


I wonder what dreams they have.

@scroggin  they dream of what's happened during the day. She looks very peaceful.



Floss's dreams......

up hills, down dales, through bluebell woods, chasing squirrels........


Yes, definitely chasing squirrels Joyce. Her legs start to twitch as if she was chasing them through the woods. 

He’s upset because I keep removing stuff he finds from his mouth

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Learnincurve why do you keep removing things from his mouth? That breed does that.

I know I’m so mean depriving him of not only his fun now, but all the fun he would have had hunting for little bits of bark and stick in the deep rug later. 

plant pauper

So far today I have extracted a sock, some pants, a banana skin, a piece of smokeless fuel and several bits of tree and ivy from Wren the Great Retriever's mouth and it's just gone 1.30! Thankfully now she's asleep and chasing things quietly on the sofa. 

Oh i see learnincurve.

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