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Rubee - subtle colouring! Love it. We will be a force to be reckoned with. I don't mind singing but I think it might be a tad difficult with a trumpet in my mouth!


Nighty night Rubee and M-U.

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I reckon its about time for me to sign out now. Nighty night all Rezzers. Strut your stuff tomorrow.


Night everyone - sweet dreams



Night everyone! Ann Widdecombe is in the CBB house 

 Night everyone. Rubee, going back to your comment on the previous Rez, I don’t like to stand out in  crowd either so can we go in matching outfits?

Been great on here( there!) tonight

star gaze lily

Aww, I wasn't allowed to match LB😕

What colour are you Rubee? 

Well I've just woken up on the sofa, I must have dozed off ages ago 

Nightie night everyone, sweet dreams 

star gaze lily

Oops around almost 2 hours ago 

It's  really windy out there.......and absolutely hissing down 

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Good morning Rezzers.


Oh my goodness - what a night. Storm Eleanor woke me at 03:35 flapping the letterbox and rattling my roof tiles. It was quite scary. I hope that everyone has come through the storm unscathed. I'll have to wait until its light to survey the outside. Take care all and don't go out unless you really have to.

Kitty 2

Morning LB .  Noisy night indeed, the wind was howling in the early hours.  Hope Joyce is ok.

I hate the wind 😠

star gaze lily

Morning LB and those to follow 

Phewwww, yes sooooo very windy last night. Howling winds and just hissing down all night. Was rather worried about our oak tree. But have had a quick peek outside and apart from a few twiggy bits of branches all is ok. Grass is like a bog but everything else looks in it's place. Glad I took the Xmas door wreath off though, that would have got damaged as well as probably banging against the door all night

Slight wind but rain has now stopped. 

Take care everyone, hope you don't have to go out today 



Morning Kitty. Hope PP is ok too. Some amazing pictures on the Beeb this morning - horizontal hail in Blackpool and cars just floating about on the flood waters.

star gaze lily

Oops sorry Kitty, you weren't there just now 


Morning LB  Kitty and all who follow.  I never heard a thing last night,  probably the wrong,  ( or even the right )  area of the country.  I hope all are safely through the storm. 

Can I have lime green trousers with black stars on, please. 

Sorry.  Morning SGL  you snuck in while I was typing. 


Good Morning SGL, Pauline, LB, Kitty and hope others haven't been blown away over night.


We are going to be so colourful that we'll look like an explosion in a paint factory!

Morning SGL, Pauline and F'edge.

I am off to the SM  shortly,  to see if I can get any inspiration on what I can have for my dinner.  Does anyone want anything while I'm out?