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Just waiting for bedding to finish in the dryer 

Enjoy your break LB!

plant pauper

Gave up! ate it out of a dish and pretended it wasn't cheesecake.  Flippin' delicious whatever it was called.

Are these smilies looking a bit exotic or am I imagining it? 


I'm just about ready now M-U. Just stuff like toothpaste and toothbrush etc. to go in tomorrow.

Thanks Chey.


What on earth was in your not really a cheesecake PP??????? Smilies are exactly the same as before.


My smilies are the same as usual.  Put it down to the cheesecake, PP 


Right I'm signing out now so you all be good and I'll see you on Friday - as long as I don't get snowed in up there.


Evening - just signing in and out to get the notification links. 

Feeling a bit better although not 100%. I’ve slept for England over the last 48 hours & managed to eat something tonight. Should be ok tomorrow.

Have a great hols LB. Hope the journey is ok & the weather isn’t too bad next week. The Lakes are beautiful whatever the weather but definitely nicer if you can get out & enjoy them. Sounds like you’ll have fun anyway.

Nighty night, LB.  Have a fantastic holiday!  We'll TRY to behave and not do any hou****rk while you're away 

Glad you're on the mend T'bird.  Take it easy.  The Big Sleep will have helped.

That's me away for the night, so here's hoping all Rezzers have a peaceful evening.  Chey, make sure your bedding's bone dry before you put it back on the bed.  Nag, nag, nag......

See you lovely lot tomorrow. 

star gaze lily

In and out for me too

Have a lovely holiday LB.

Smilies look fine to me too.

Hope you feel better soon Tbird.

Nightie night everyone 


Another one in and out.

Started a new book and have been unable to put it down until now.

T'bird, hope you feel better in the morning.

Safe journey and a good holiday LB

plant pauper

Morning all.

We've had snow!!!! Not much but the place is white. Crappenfeffer! Which way shall I go east? I won't know about the big scary hill till I get to the other end and that means a biiiig round trip back to the other road. Rats! If I end up in slices through the gates of The Presbyterian, you'll know what's happened.

I suppose that means no faffing in the garden either. Garden Guy got a little taste of sunshine and crispy good weather last week and now he won't stay indoors.  There'll be this  when he wakes up and sees outside. I have a sneaky feeling there might be sledge testing... He's determined to get Wren in one. She's feigning deafness and stupidity in equal measure!!! If she could do aimless whistling as she wandered off, she would. 

Why shouldn't I paint my freezer? If anyone can come up with a good reason, it's you lot. Tea cosys on please. It's in the utility room and I fancy black gloss cabinets in there for a change but my freezer would look like the opposite of a missing tooth! It would, in fact, look like the only tooth.

The cheesecake has set. what's left of it. Note to self...make it BEFORE you go out cèilidhing!

Enjoy your snowy Sunday if you have one. Sunny I'll send what's left of the black paint your way. Don't want to lose those kitties in the snow! 


Good Morning - found you all.

Have a good and safe trip LB.

Eek - snow.  Well I suppose its still only Februrary.

Joyce21 look very happy about having the banking behind you cleared ......

Morning all.

Hope roads clear for LB and pp.  Snow forecast for here and sky is dark.

If you check in here LB, safe journey and have a brilliant time up there!

Pp, painting the freezer.....well you can get enamel paint but it’d cost a fortune for enough to paint a freezer I’d think. Might be cheaper to paint the cabinets to match the freezer! Lovely of you to post a selfie.

Its actually sunny here this morning! Think I might dig out the heated propagators and dust them down.


Morning . Safe journey you two . Take care and have a great time. 

Snow this morning .  Not doing much today . Thinking about the fairy house will take some time .

Putting kettle on .

Morning all.  Didn't get to post yesterday I was too busy doing nothing much.  We went to buy a garden incinerator and before we realised most of the day had gone by. Got the incinerator though. 

Hope everyone is well or improving. 





Snowing heavily now so have changed my mind about going out.

Pansy...Chey's washing machine seems to be on daily.....