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Nice work M-U. More room for dolloping.


Luco's operation is next Thursday 


That is good news Chey. Did the vet give you any idea as to any complications there might be or will it be straightforward?


It should be fairly straightforward? And cheaper than originally thought 



Wondered what had happened as my post went all fuzzy.  Must have been just as you were changing over.   MU.  Some comments for you on Rez35.

LB.  enjoyed your afternoon Canastering ?   

Thanks, Runners!  Have read your post over on 35! 

Good news all round, Chey!  This time next week it'll all be done and dusted! 


Exactly Muddle! So everyone can stop nagging now 

Hazel --

Forest, have posted something for you on previous thread. 


Don't worry Chey, it wont be long until you're being nagged about looking after your seedlings


We're good at nagging, Chey!


Thanks Hazel .......just spotted it...hilarious and it looks just like me too. 

What do you mean M-U  'new clean thread'...was the other one grubby. 


Great news about Luco Chey. You might find it more difficult next Thursday to get him into his carrier so make sure you keep all doors and windows shut as cats are great escape artists.


Runners - Canasta was good. I helped a newbie learn the basics and we had a good game.

Not unless you wiped your walking boots over it, F'edge! 


Never played canasta, LB.  Is it difficult?

Chey, cats are wonderful psychics, he’ll just KNOW you’re going to put him in the ‘thing’ next week. Cue not to let him out the previous evening! I used to wait till ours had just about finished their food then nab them and stuff them into the waiting carrier. Lull them somehow into a false sense of security. They eventually forgive you - when they want food.


Canasta is a great game to play M-U and the basics are fairly simple to grasp but as skill develops one learns the tactics of the game - for example don't be in too big a hurry to lay all your cards down on the table. Keep some back to trick you opponents into believing you have nothing worth having left in your hand.

Have you not been washing your boots F'edge?

going to read my book . I have just wilted . Night night sleep well.

You make canasta sound so easy, LB. I’m one of these who is useless at card games. Can’t remember the rules, can’t remember who’s played what, irritating! On the occasions when OH and I would have a game of cards he’d not play fair by having the ability to remember not only which cards had already been played but could also work out which cards you were collecting. I rarely won.

Hope you’ve been cleaning your boots, f’edge! Both my walking boots and my wellies are getting plastered with mud every morning when we dog walk. Mind you, there’s a lovely sense of freedom in being able to plodge around a muddy field in your wellies and not have to watch where you’re walking re mud, surface water etc.