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Turning in now, folks.  Hope everyone has a peaceful and restful night.....go safe, sleep deep.

All being well, see you tomorrow.

Popping in to say goodnight all. See you tomorrow.


Evening  Anyone still up?

Thoughts to Sunny and Pauline 

Good night all.  Time for bed.  Football was a draw.


Nighty night M-U, Lants and Pauline. Evening Chey.



Nighty all - seems even Chey didn't wait around.



Was tidying under the roof in that eaves bit! Found two bags of clothes!


I also unearthed.....

- Shoes
- A drone
- A book
- A Mug Shot
- Not what I was looking for but also found a PS2 console
- Bike helmet
- Laptop
- Snow globe
- Computer screen
- Christmas wrapping paper
- Shampoo
- Photo album
- Well there's half a Wii Console
- And a mini Arrowword book from 2015
- Old audio books
- DS styluses
- Old antivirus
- Wii console cables!
- Singing toothbrush
- Shark tooth necklace
- Kindle
- Clothes??
- Sega mega drive
- Antivirus
- GCSE results
- Lego dimensions video game
- Zwieback
- Hair dye


Quite a variety Chey  

It's surprising what gets stashed away in cupboards, sheds,attics and garages "just in case it's wanted sometime" and, most of the time, it isn't.


Morning Chey, Joyce and all to follow.

Wow Chey what a stash in the eaves. Anything worth saving?

Off to Bestie's today.


The consoles I might be able to sell, if they work 

The clothes all still fit which is great


Result!!! What a treasure trove.


I went in looking for one thing and came out with 50 others 

Meeting a friend this morning - get me - and we're off into town 


Morning all 

Chey,  just read through your list of finds. You have got the makings of a car boot sale there,  the last two items I would definitely banish to the bin. I didn't know what zwieback was until I googled it. 

Late ish appointment for me today.  I can't remember who was unsure what hospital I was being treated at,  but I have been in Pinderfields,  the LG I  and all my weekday appointments ( now until December ) are at St James. 


Pauline, I had to Google zwieback too My new bit of knowledge for today. Good luck with your appointment today.

Chey - enjoy meeting your friend. You'll have plenty to talk about! p.s. I hope you've warned the town!

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Good luck today Pauline!

LB - The town will cope 


Good Morning all,

Just reading back as most of yesterday afternoon and evening taken up with a committee meeting.  The meeting was quite jolly as committee meetings go, but it was the travelling time to get there and back which took several hours.  Got home well after 11pm so now sorting out notes and actions needed.  Good job we only have three meetings a year.

Lovely pictures of the River in full flow LB.  Your friend obviously enjoyed and needed and benefited from you and your brothers company.

TopB....nasty wasps stings...they are so painful.

Pauline...what a super duper diet....hope the rest of your treatment goes so well.

Catch up with the rest of you later. 

You found a rusk in the attic? Lordy me.  Good haul, though.  Well, apart from the rusk.  Have a good day with your friend.  See if s/he's in the market for old clothes, cables, consoles, never know what you might be able to offload!

Pauline, it was me asking which hospital/s you were attending.  Thanks.  I used to work at Jimmy's when I was a student, in summer holidays.  Very best of luck for today's 'stint'.

Morning LB and Joyce and anyone else I've missed.  Soopermarket today, I suppose.  After we vowed and declared we'd NEVER go on a Thursday the kids are on half-term which might make things even worse.  Boadiccea to the fore!  CHARGE! is besties granddaughter's name pronounced?  There must be at least 3 ways to say Sofia.  Have a good time with her today.....I guess you'll both be knitting!

Right....better make some racket, see if I can prize the winkle that is OH out of the shell that is the bed.....see you later!