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You must be psychic M-U re Uni Chall and bed. I am going to sign out for now my Rezzer friends so behave yourselves until I get back x

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Condenser Dryer LB! Enjoy your holiday 

I've just found a red onion i bought at the End of August. It has a large green shoot coming out of the top 

Can I plant it?


Don't think it's worth your while Chey.

Sun, sand, sea and gin.....happy hols LB  

No, Chey.  It won't do anything.  Not worth the effort.  Bin it, unless you've got a compost bin, or your neighbour has.  Happy tumble drier!  No more damp bedding.  Goodo 

Just knew that's what you'd be doing, LB!  Me too, although I've not fed the outdoorsers tonight, so for me it'll be Uni Chall, then on with the head torch and out with their dinner bowl.....then back to the enjoy yourself!  We'll not  get the vac*ums or ir*ns out once your back's turned........



Apparently it'll only produce flowers? Might have a go anyway


star gaze lily

Have a wonderful holiday LB 😎🌞⛱🍹😙


Have a great holiday LB.     Safe journey. 

Night everyone.  Sleep tight. 

Pauline, stress can cause it too and you've had a fair bit of that. 

LB, bed, set the alarm if needed, get  good sleep and  enjoy your hols😎😎😁 We'll all be good, won't we?

  Night. Night . Sleep well . You are in my thoughts Pauline.

Got any peppermints, Pauline?  Or cooled boiled water might help.  And a Big Burp   Hope it shifts, horrible, indigestion.

Night night all those off bedward......LB very happy holidays!  'Course we'll be good 

Chey.....waste of potting compost, but if you must, on you go 


The plant you identified for me months ago Muddle - currently flowering 

Wot, Chey?  An onion?


Nooo! The geraniumish thingy


Ahah!  You mean the pelargonium, Chey?  I think that's what it was!  If you keep it indoors through winter, trim off dead flowers and old leaves and don't give it very much water, it'll survive! 

Right, friends, I'm signing out for tonight......see you trip to France, LB.

Nighty night! 


Dozed off on sofa so will go to bed soon.

Night all.


How often should I water it? 

Night all - need to be up for 7AM on the off chance dryer arrives then...


Uni C was good tonight (ie I got a few right). Time for bed now - OH has an early start tomorrow.

Have a good hols LB.

Hope the drier turns up early Cheyn - nothing worse than getting up early & delivery doesn't arrive till lunchtime