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My prayers are with you. Hope you have a successful operation and go on to enjoy many more cancer free years.


All the best Mike. Think positive all the way x 


Best wishes Mike

The very best wishes to you, Mike, for a speedy recovery.


Thinking of you Mike . You are in my prayers.


all the best Mike, I know how you're feeling, I got the 'C' diagnosis in March and am still fighting it, but winning at the moment. hope you recover well.

Kitty 2

Wishing you well for your upcoming operation Mike, and I hope that the treatment is successful. Take it easy 🌹

Good luck to all you folks that are fighting the battle.

Sad news but at least it's treatable. .....wishing you a fast and speedy recovery 

Positive thoughts winging your way, Mike.  And to others suffering such anxious and worrying illness. Best wishes for many healthy times ahead.

Lots of good luck and good wishes, dropped Hubby off at Hospital this moring he is having n op on his kidney, up to 2 more weeks to wait for MY istology!


Hope your hubby will be ok Nanny Beach a worrying time. Thought and prayers with him. x 


Heavenly Father, please show your love and mercy to Mike,Treehugger, Pauline, Nanny Beach and her husband.  Please restore them to full health, and don't let their gardens get in a mess while they're out of action. I ask these things in Jesus' name.

My very best wishes to you, Mike. Hoping that your treatment is successfu and recovery is quick. Be strong.



best wishes for a speedy recovery Mike.


Best wishes.


Victoria Sponge

Best of wishes for your op next week Mike and to everyone else troubled with illness💐


Mike Allen Sending best wishes to you at this stressful time.   .

If you are going to get it, ideally in a bit you can have removed and do without, thank you for good wishes and prayers folks. Just rung Hospital hes still in "recovery".And I have cut the grass today, just to make sure.