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well of course Obelixx aparently now they do!!


Yep.  I'm banking on having a clever car to let me keep my independence when I'm too old to drive one safely myself.   

All we need now are golf balls with homing signals so OH and co don't spend half their time looking for lost causes.

I frankly wouldnt trust them, there will come a point when they cause a massive acident, and wont be overriden, like some of these fancy planes, then will come the great insurance debate, I worked as a motor insurance clerk, and people REALLY did fill in claims forms saying this tree came out of no-where and hit them, so in the future people will say it wasnt them it was the car!


I think dash cams will become obligatory by the time I need a clever car.  They're already proving useful in many insurance claims where some oik denies driving like a hooligan. There are already insurance companies reducing premiums for drivers who have one as they help settle claims more quickly and reduce fraud.

Hubby has one as he has a commute round trip of 80 miles, and some of the things we see on there!!, had a near miss last night, folk come off A22 are in the right hand lane, but actually wanting to go left or sstraight on, 2 lanes then clearly marked left and straight on and right arrorw on road, people go down the outerside, then pull in at the traffic lights at the last moment, just lucky he has his eye on the ball it was very wet, the previous day was icey.  I dont know what they dont make cars complete with forward and rear camera, mind you a lot of people I know are horrified at the fact the camera records EVERYTHING you do as well,  Hubby has been in the motor trade since leaving school at 15, and I keep asking him why at least 2 cars out of 3 dont have indicators on them its weird!  I went to local shop at 5 yesterday, there is a slip road a few yards away where our garage is in a block, bloke in transit pulled up on left to let out someone to go to the shops no indication, car behind the indicated right, but the car on the otherside of the road didnt then know whether they were over taking or going right into the slip road.


Apparently some animal might have **** on  the wheat

As an ex lorry driver who haul wheat etc from farms to flour mills that will be true if the farm as rats/mice

even dogs, one load i hauled the farmer lost his dog, when i got to the flour mill i took off the sheet and there was a dog looking up at me and yes he did have a poo and pee in the load, but with the law that load got reject and went back to the farm (no the dog had a ride with me in the cab) but i don't know where that load went after i tipped it off

I've heard once that a load had dog poo in it (load was full of it) and farmer was phone about it and said it was the neighbours dog, well his neighbour was the hunt !!

I do have lots of true storys, By the way, as it's Christmas  one year i nearly found the ingredients for a Christmas diner though stuff i've seen in loads of wheat!!

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Mr J - your post was quite graphic but made me laugh.  Who would be without Roast Dog S**t this year to accompany their traditional Xmas dinner

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