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Just been down the garden and the fence at the end has blown down onto my brassica cage. Only a slight dent and fortunately the rest of the fence is laying in their garden not mine. And it's their fence. I know she was planning on replacing it, hopefully it'll get done soon.

Sun and showers today and quite windy but not as bad as Tuesday and Wednesday.

Very windy during night but it has been a nice cold day , Been into Lincoln , met a friend for lunch 

Next few days it is getting colder , looks like I will be finishing the indoor painting this weekend 

No snow ❄️ since end of November 

Stockton we now have frozen snow with a slight rise in temperature 2C threatening more snow, fairly normal for this area this time of year. I shall delay the naked run around the garden singing the "Flowers that bloom in the spring" for a while.


Went to Allotment yesterday & as suspected both the Brassica and the fruit cage were looking a bit drunk but still standing. Not really surprising our site suffers with the wind at the best of times let alone a wild night like that one was. What does surprise me is the amount of wind resistance from open netting that means I have to re-set the fruit  cage most  years. The Brassicas get moved anyway as part of crop rotation.

Dry sunny very white & frosty here today.


A good frost overnight , very cold , wind has dropped and no rain  not a bad winters day 

Breezy but not too windy, dry, some sunshine - not too bad here at the moment.

Wet n windy in Wigan!

We don't get much snow as we're protected by the Pennines..but plenty of rain from the Atlantic.

My garden has about an inch of standing water ...I'm on silty clay.

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