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Along the river today I had a Coyote came along and stop about 10ft from me then it took off. I didn't have my camera out yet and I was holding bird seed in my

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What a pretty little bird.

Wildlife from San Sebastian harbour - just come back from a short break.


Fantastic images, envious of the way the birds feed from your hand 

Love the picture of the fish, BL...are they Mullet?

Here is a Common Snipe ( my Favourite bird ) photographed in the Yorkshire Dales.

Has anyone any idea what type of hawkmoth that this is, asleep on my conservatory window this morning?


Hi Lancs Lass, it's not a Hawk-moth, it's a Angle Shades moth, same as this one 

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Thanks Sheps. Disappointed that it's not a hawk moth, we have had them in our garden this year and previously, taking pollen like the humming birds that we have seen in America.

Ah well, that at least explains why I couldn't find it on Google!

I'm guessing they are probably as common as muck as well!!

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