Using an old tomato feed fertiliser bottle to create a homemade compost scoop

How to make a compost scoop

Discover how to give old plant food bottles a new purpose, by using them to create a compost scoop.

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Takes just:

15 minutes

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Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

The tomato-growing season is coming to an end, and you've probably already used up those last few drops of tomato food. But don't bin the bottle - make it into a compost scoop. The rigid plastic used to make these bottles is excellent for the job, making light work of shovelling up compost when it's compacted in the bag. The scoop is easy to make and takes just minutes. The only equipment you'll need is a sharp pair of scissors and a marker pen.

You will need

A sharp pair of scissors

A marker pen


Mark out a large, wide hole in the top of the container with the pen, keeping it about 1cm above the level of the handle. This will help maintain its rigidity when you use it as a scoop.

Begin by making a small hole in the plastic with the scissors then roughly cut off the top. You can then follow the line more closely, tidying up any jagged edges afterwards to make it ready for use.