Spring bulb tray

How to create a spring bulb tray

In this easy project, we show you how to create a colourful display using spring-flowering bulbs.

Do it:

Jan, Feb, Dec

Takes just:

30 minutes

At its best:

Mar, Apr, May

Flowering bulbs are the perfect way to bring some next-season cheer into your home.

Snowdrops and crocuses that are starting to emerge in the garden can be transferred to pots and grown on indoors as long as they're kept cool. So too can bulbs that have been forced in the cold and dark before being slowly exposed to light and warmth. 

Don't worry if you haven't forced any bulbs or don't have a garden – florists and nurseries will be bursting with prepared, potted bulbs in various stages of growth. 

For variety and colour, group pots of different kinds of bulbs together on a tray.

To get you started, discover how to create this spring bulb tray, below. 

You will need


Half fill each pot with peat-free multi-purpose compost or bulb fibre. Break up any large lumps and make sure there are no air pockets.
Divide potted bulbs into portions that are the right size for your pots. Gently separate the bulbs, taking care not to damage the blooms. 
Place the bulbs in the pot, firming them in place with your fingers. Fill any gaps with more compost, settling it in place by gently tapping the pot. 
Don't worry if you haven't forced any bulbs or don't have a garden – florists and nurseries will be bursting with prepared, potted bulbs.
Cover the compost with mulch (choosing gravel for cyclamen and iris) and leave the top of the bulb poking out. Water well. 
Moss also makes an attractive topping, but do make sure it's from a sustainable source when purchasing, or rake it up from your lawn. 
Arrange the pots in a rustic tray. Choose one online or find one you like at garden centres. Move them around as different blooms peak. 


Rake cut out

Using sustainable moss

If buying moss, it's important to only choose moss that has been grown sustainably, as the wetlands they're harvested from are unique, vital ecosystems that are home to many important species. 

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