Planting a bareroot gooseberry

How to plant a bare-root gooseberry

Discover how to plant a bare-root gooseberry during the dormant season, with the help of our practical guide.

Do it:

Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec

Takes just:

30 minutes

At its best:

May, Jun, Jul

Bare-root (or field-grown) gooseberries are supplied over winter when plants are dormant. They will grow away well in the spring, and will crop after a couple of years.

Read our guide to growing gooseberries.

Before planting, stand the plants in a bucket of water, leaving them to soak for about 20 minutes. This will reinvigorate the plants and help them to establish successfully.

Here's our three-step guide to planting a bare-root gooseberry.

You will need

  • Spade
  • Bare-root gooseberry bush
  • Bonemeal fertiliser
  • Secateurs
  • Well-rotted manure or garden compost
  • Watering can


Place the plant into prepared soil to the same depth as it was in the nursery - you should be able to spot a 'tide mark'. Incorporate some bonemeal fertiliser or well-rotted manure into the planting hole.
Prune young shoots back to outward facing buds to create a strong, open bush shape on which stubby fruiting spurs can develop.
Give your newly planted bush a good soak with water before mulching with well-rotted manure or garden compost.


Plant in a sunny spot

Gooseberries appreciate sunshine, so plant them in a south or west-facing spot.

Gooseberry varieties to try

'Invicta' - a heavy cropper that's resistant to mildew

'Martlet' - a dessert variety with red berries

'Rokula' - an early ripener, resistant to mildew, with sweet berries

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